About Vote St. Pete

This site was set up to help build a consensus around our next pier design.  After a little brainstorming we figured we would provide a simple way for everyone that wants to participate.  This live demonstration which is active can feature any designs.  While voting can continue 24/7 for weeks.  The Voters can either watch a presentation on television, perhaps our city channel (stpetetv), or they can even review a static paper ballot with the choices on it (in their water bill perhaps), then call in their votes.  Alternatively the website can be broadcast on TV and designs could be voted on live by the current viewing audience.

This type of survey does not collect a “random” sample.  What this survey does is gathers the opinions of those residents which are motivated to call in their votes.  In the same way that concerned citizens show up at a city forum.  This type of survey can be used on any issue but may be particularly suitable for graphics and visuals as you can vote for what you see on TV.  The voters are invited to opt in to receive polls in the future.  So we could offer a new poll every 45 days.  If the user does not see the ballot and needs to have pictures to make a decision they can be notified where to find the print version in the paper, the web version or it can be shown on the city’s TV channel.

While not perfect, we believe this tool will get the most input from the widest variety of residents.  To participate they only need a phone and a ballot showing pictures.

  • It is one vote per number, successive calls will simply overwrite the prior vote.
  • Vote counting engine comes from St. Pete Polls, the current basic capacity of the demo is about 120 simultaneous calls, this can be scaled up dramatically.
  • The voter will be asked to opt in so they can participate on a regular basis, no more than once a month.
  • The results will not be a statistical survey of the entire city but should be used as a market research and consensus building tool.
  • It will be possible to isolate actual registered voters if the phone number is in their voter file.  In this case we could run a demographic model on just those voters provided the sample size was large enough. Perhaps 1000 called in votes would yield 500 numbers of confirmed residents.
  • We invite participation and input from the residents of our lovely city of St. Petersburg as well as our elected representatives and the administration. We would like to provide this tool and offer our help and technology to build a consensus around a new pier.

Privacy: The personal vote data and phone numbers will be kept confidential and not sold or used for any commercial purpose.